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    Libro EPUB Gratis Harmony Theory: A Bibliography - WWC

    A small complaint-- I frequently felt bogged down by Levy's unique functional shorthand. It is clearly influenced by Riemann's functional symbols, but I would have to spend a tremendous amount of time unravelling Levy's explanations before I could feel comfortable with its use. Furthermore, their usefulness is limited to analysis within Levy's system, and I am not convinced enough by the totality of his theoretical framework to consider investing the time and energy.

    Altogether, Levy's A Theory of Harmony is a thought-provoking work which points interested performers, improvisers, composers, and theorists in plenty of new directions.

    While I wish Levy's ideas were fleshed-out in a more useful and accessible way, I am grateful that the text was published at all and made available to interested readers. Sorry, for the obvious opening , that, while thoroughly filled with examples is a bit removed from pratice.

    I once read that "writing about music is like dancing to architecture" and this book is intended for those deep into the study of Music Theory and Harmony.

    Am I telling you not to read this? No, I am telling you that unless you are already well v This is a dense work of music theory that explores the author's concepts of harmony Wow!

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    No, I am telling you that unless you are already well versed in theory and harmony this book will not move you along the path, but it might knock you off. We find that the under-median t harmonies of the dominant and the tonic in minor stand a major third lower than the harmonies of the dominant and tonic themselves. Why also was the under-mediant harmony of the minor under-dominant not sought a major third lower?

    By this correct logic alone we obtain a B in A minor. Practice has shown theory the way. We extend our minor system on the side of the under-dominant by adding to it the under-mediant harmony of the tonic of the first minor key in a backward direction to the left side of the circle of fifths.

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    The keys of the under-dominant progress backwards in the circle of fifths, and those of the upper-dominant forwards. We now obtain the following representation of the harmonic minor system: Ce N'est Qu'un Au Revoir.

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